Advertise with Us.


In the rear seat of many of our cabs is a place for business cards and brochures. HOW do I get my company in here? Simply ask - we do not charge for this advertising space because we only include those businesses that have proven to offer a good service and or product. Things that our tourists guests would benefit from such as The Clearwater Marine Aquarium,  Backwaters Restaurant, Brown Boxer Pub etc... usually these businesses also provide a small token benefit such as a free drink with meal purchase, or discount coupon.



NEW ADVERTISING PROGRAM! Get 5000 Business Card Ads distributed by our drivers. Cost is $375.00 Plus your business allows us to install a 8 1/2 X 11 N. Y. Cab & Limo sign in your bathrooms and a logical location such as by the entry/exit or near the bar. This is a mutal advertising and promotion agreement. Which explains the "just to cover our costs" price. Who else can you advertise with that will actually drive customers to your door! Contact K.C. or John for more info, any questions or to see if your business qualifies for our ad program.