We need drivers!  Applicants must possess a valid FLORIDA Drivers License. Sure we have GPS systems - but YOU also must be familiar with Pinellas Co. and how to for example, get to Tampa Intl. Airport. Knowledge of Gulf Beaches is highly desired as this is the focus of our operation. When tourists call us they don't know the address. All  they know is that they are at the Hilton on Clearwater Beach. Therefore, YOU need to know where it is!

Must also have friendly and outgoing personality. Dress code is beach casual but always nice. Ragged shorts and T-shirts are not allowed. We service  Sand Pearl Resort, Hyatt, Sheraton and others. Therefore we must have " presentable" drivers. This cab company was established to raise the bar over other taxi services that were rude to tourists - ripped them off - wore smelly perspiration stained T-shirts and offered recycled cop cars as Taxis.


By joining our team you will be a part of an elite team that is / has redefined the taxi service business with classy - always spotlessly clean Lincoln Town Cars, Vintage Checkers, Ford Winstar Vans, plus our Limos and party buses. Limo andParty Bus drivers are those who were promoted up from the taxi service.


This is not - NOT - your average cab company whose only interest is in leasing cabs for 100.00 a day and don't care if you make anything - so long as you pay your 100.00 and buy your gas.

Here at NY Cab & Limo Co. drivers get a % of total take. The only way you can not make any money is if you were to not take a single fare. This could only happen if you were hiding under the car. 

If you have a prior DUI - save your effort and don't bother to apply. If however you think you would make a good addition to our team then by all means call to schedulean interview as we are always looking for QUALITY drivers. Full and Part -time.